I’ve been in your shoes. As a working mom, I spent over 25 years in the small business and international corporate world as an engineer, an executive and a coach. I was faced with the “bitch” stigma that is so often associated with successful women, and I learned how to manage and overcome that stigma. I know what it takes to shift the perception of those around you so that you are viewed as capable and fearless – rather than difficult.

Since then, I have used my intuitive understanding of technical people to help countless leaders in business develop their own executive presence, build unparalleled confidence, and earn the respect and promotions they deserve. I can help you, too. As your partner, I will coach you right to the edge of your potential – every single time. I’ll call you on your crap and I won’t let you wallow in your setbacks, failures, and other circumstances that are beyond your control.

Are you ready to push yourself to the limit, get super uncomfortable, and make INCREDIBLE changes? Great! Contact me now. Let’s get started!

Voted Executive Coach of the Year, 2012

International Coach Federation of New England