Assessments are used as a tool for coaching to collect objective information about you. You will be more successful at moving forward when you are clear on where you are, what you want and where you are going. In order to create a reliable plan for your success, we need to get clear on your strengths and on the opportunities for growth that are open to you. The objective information gathered through assessments will launch you towards your next steps as a leader in your organization and your life.

Types of Assessments

I am certified in a broad range of assessments, so we are able to select the ones that will best support you and your coaching needs. Choosing the right assessment for you is an interactive process during which we begin to clarify your goals and determine what information we need to complete your development plan for your success. A number of assessments are listed below along with sample reports.

Assessments come in various forms, including self– assessments or and 360-Feedback Surveys. The assessments I am certified in include but are not limited to: Emotional Intelligence Assessments, Style Surveys (Meyers-Briggs, DISC), Developmental Assessments and Skills Inventories.

360 Assessments

360-Assessments give a broader range of information, as you are collecting information from colleagues all around you. This information may be collected via an online process or with a live interview that I personally conduct. 360’s provide important feedback to help you improve your leadership abilities, clarify the most important and immediate areas to focus on, and develop your expertise. This process also helps pinpoint blind spots that are critical for advancement in your organization. Based on the feedback from a 360-assessment, the generated report will help guide and inform your critical next steps to accelerate your success and happiness at work.

I am certified in a variety of assessments including (but not limited to) the following: