“I came to Karen because my career wasn’t progressing as quickly as I’d hoped. Things were going all right – but I wanted them to be better. Almost immediately she identified the key behaviors I needed to change and helped me to approach my senior leadership team with a clear plan for success. Six months later, as Karen predicted, I’m getting the results my boss wanted and I’m on track for a promotion.”

— VP, Fortune 500, Medical Devices


“Karen is great — highly articulate and passionate and that shows all over! I love that kind of focus and energy. Her organization and clarity is so encouraging. Karen’s precision and commitment also creates lots of freedom and possibility for all of us.”

— Michael Feeley, Professional Life Coach

“Karen has a way of zeroing in on the issues and patterns that have kept me stuck and held me back. I am much clearer about where my business is and where I want it to be headed. I would highly recommend her to anyone who owns their own business and wants it to grow!”

— Becky Bronson, Owner, Tranquility Yoga

“You helped me believe in myself so I would move forward into a bigger vision. You not only helped me think big, you helped me believe big!”

— Denise Starrett, Founder, Center for Energetic Leadership

“Before working with Karen, my company’s sales were at a standstill and we weren’t progressing at all. Within the first few sessions, Karen zeroed in on the patterns and issues that were keeping me stuck and helped me to eliminate them, right when we needed it the most. Now we’re consistently growing faster than I ever could have imagined and I can hardly keep up with all the new clients coming in. I highly recommend Karen to anyone who owns a business and wants it to grow!”

— Becky Bronson, Owner, Tranquility Yoga