The power of a mastermind group can take your leadership style from average to exceptional!


Leverage your “Board of Directors” to your ultimate success!

JOIN a group of like-minded leaders who offer you support and motivation in a structured, friendly environment. Participate in brainstorming ideas and get expert feedback from colleagues you can trust.

FORGE new partnerships, increase your circle of influence, and have instant access to industry insider information.

CALL ON a trusted group of advisors to find solutions for some of your biggest leadership challenges, and put an end to indecision. Move your business forward to places you never imagined possible.

The power of a mastermind group can take your leadership style from average to exceptional!


Sessions are customized to each group’s select participants, and include:

  • Monthly leadership development action assignment

  • Monthly individual laser coaching session

  • Unlimited email support during Mastermind Participation

  • A team that supports you – like your own Board of Directors

Topics covered by Mastermind Groups often include the following:

Awaken the Leader Within

Creating Breakthrough Goals


Executive Presence

Demystifying Promotions at Work

Dynamic Communication and the Art of Listening

Emotional Intelligence

Energy Management

Finding and Creating Balance

GIA Factor Coaching – Get Into Action

High Energy Relationships

Indentifying your Brand

Influencing Others

The Art of The Difficult Conversation

Identifying the “Ideal fit” Mentor

Time “Management”

Leadership Mastery Success for Women = Vision & Strategy + Tools + Accountability

Understanding the application of personal type preference

What Mastermind participants are saying:

  • Karen’s style mixes deep respect and an iron commitment to revealing the deepest, most empowering truth.
    Guthrie Sayen, True PurposeCoach
  • Being part of Karen’s Platinum Mastermind Group has been great – the concept – roughly summarized as each member having her own brain trust/board of directors – has been fulfilling and expansive. The ongoing feedback, suggestions, sometimes ideas that seem to be heading in a completely different direction (but turn out to be what I needed), and always, support, from this group and from Karen, have been of tremendous value. Karen is a great facilitator and coach – sharing from her own experience as well as from her wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend this group to anyone who wants to grow and expand their vision.
    Erica P. Bigelow, Rich May Law
  • I participated in coaching with Karen in the form of a Group MasterMind, working with Karen for 6 months – the accountability to declare and complete goals along with specific action steps were tremendously valuable and I credit this with increasing my practice revenue by 20%.
    Dr. De Vita, De Vita Chiropractic
  • Karen is, quite simply, an amazing coach. Her energy, focus, and perpetual positivity all come together to create a perfect storm of wisdom and guidance. I began making progress as soon as we started working together, and her Mastermind group has continued to keep me on track. I am grateful for her ability to help me find the path amidst the chaos, identify false trails before I get too far, and reach for goals I had not thought possible!
    Suzan Czajkowski, MyCommCoach, Online Marketing and Communication
  • Working with Karen Burke… helped me make a significant breakthrough in two short weeks. Karen takes a whole person/whole business approach to coaching. Karen is expert at identifying areas for improvement and listening for what is said and most important, what is left unsaid. Karen is quick to identify negativity and self-limiting thoughts/behaviors and addresses them with honesty and sensitivity making it easy for her clients to accept their personal responsibility to make changes. Karen is a strategic, creative thinker with a great sense of humor and a passion for coaching people to be their best.
    Nancy McCabe, Founding President The Business Book Club – Connecting People With Great Ideas
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Karen in one of her Mobius MasterMind Groups and I would highly recommend this experience to others. Karen is a fantastic leader and coach. The professional, and personal, relationships that I developed with the other talented women in my group has been invaluable!!
    Cathleen Summers, Summers, Summers & Associates, P.C.